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Thursday,September 2,2004

Song : In the Moonlight - Kotani Kinya

Ah,finally can online again, this last two weeks I couldn't online xcept for checking e-mail -_-;;

Wai~ IYF has come back XD *bows to Shun*

And now for my monthly Chara' fave story' time~ :3
+ Toumei Shounen act. 2 - Odagiri Hotaru
The color page.......*swoon* Aa~ Odagiri-sensei no e o horetanda nyo~ >w<
There're some light hints of Takamura/Yuushi (Takamura often spends the nights at Yuushi' place [to finish their student council's jobs thou]; when Yuushi was nowhere to be found while he was needed, Takamura found him sleeping in the school garden, the way he woke Yuushi up was so gentle that it made 2 Yuushi's friends who found out Yuushi first were surprised since they thought he'd be angry; and when Takamura' [he usually called Yuushi using "Kaichou"] words couldn't reach an angry Yuushi, suddenly he said "Stop it, Yuushi", and Yuushi finally calmed down XD). And a cute hint of Yusa/Satsuki *ignores Saiga's (Satsuki) tantrum X3*, Yusa kissed him purposely right in front of the 2 people who were going to have a talk with Yuushi but since Yuushi wasn't there and it was a pain to explain to them so Yusa thought it was the best way to send them home and it worked, but Saiga was angry and hasn't come back to the student council room till then XDD Too bad the kissing scene isn't drawn clearly >_< Mitai yo~ *cackle*
Nyo, can't wait till the next chapter, I really luv this series since it's full of bishounen (which is rarely my favourite since I'm more into bikei/biseinen) and thou the story is kinda cliche, it's still worth to read :3

Rikku-chan, what kind of stuff did you get? ^^ It means have a high imagination and smart :D What's the name of the candy btw?

Lea, oya? yaoi beneran ato shounen-ai? XDD nanti kasi liat yach ^^ Oya, gbrku aku kasi 2 ini aja yach, yg laenna jelek XDD

Lenka. ara? *kipasin* Ini masi mending,daripada versi aslina yg ada 1 co lagi di belakang mereka yg tidur nekid cuma ditutupi selimut sampe sebatas pinggang, bener2 menunjukkan abis 3P >w< *evil grins* *ditimpuk batu*

Sechan, ehehe, that's why I'm your u-chan deshou XD

Kappa, ara,mengo~ Kelupaan update link kmu ^O^;; *diemut* Hidoi yo,masa ngeliat ada new entry di blogku dianggap bakal ada badai ;_; *mojok*

Soe, ambil dari Gakuen Heaven charabook Zenin Shuugou!ku :D *ambil pisona n todong balik*
Deshou? Nakajima itu chara paling cool n jangan lupa lumayan evil, bener2 tipe chara faveku *pyuk Hide erat2*

Spawn, hehe,long time no see too ^^ I'm fine and I'm still n Malang ^^;;; Sekitar bulan 10 nanti baru terbang XD;;

Bell Liberty School e youkoso @02:54 p.m.

Tuesday,August 10,2004

Song : Gravitation Audio Story 2

Tadaima modorimashita~ After more than 40 days abandoned this blog , I'm back with new layout XD;;
This is the 3rd Gakuen Heaven layout and still featuring Nakajima, the coolest character for me :3
Actually this pic is a kinda 3p pic of Nakajima-Shichijou-Saionji *cackle* But it was difficult for me to use the pic as a layout with Saionji in it, so there was no other way than to remove him from it >_< Hontou ni moshiwakearimasen deshita, JoOu-sama ~_~ *ignores his death glare* Demo ne, thanks to this pic....now I like Nakajima x Saionji a little more than Nakajima x Keita ^^;;

Hue~ I can't access the edit setting of the shoutbox >_<

Finished Xenosaga ep.2 ~Jenseits von Gut und Bose~ around a week ago. First thing is Canaan ga suteki~ X3 And his seiyuu is Kamiya Hiroshi-san who's also Saionji's seiyuu, which is why the first time I heard him talking, I felt like I've heard his voice before.
This episode is focused on trio Rubedo (Jr.) - Nigredo (Gaignun) - Albedo. Looking at Albedo and Jr. scenes sometimes stimulate my yaoi-radar ^^;; How can I'm not, when Albedo was so possesive toward Jr and also admire him 14 years ago, but I think he is still have those feeling even after 14 years despite his cruel and psycho attitude to Jr.There are, as usual, still lots of things remained unexplained, especially about Chaos which is I want to know the most. He was asked by Helmer to save the U.R.T.Vs (Jr. and Gaignun only, Albedo was nowhere to be found) with Canaan in the Miltia conflict 14 years ago. But in the present, he still looks like 14 years ago, added that there's no information that he's a realian like Canaan. And in the end of this episode, it's shown that Wilhelm and Chaos know each other. Could Chaos position is like Citan in Xenogears?

-- Yakyuu Tengoku -- Mamahara Ellie (Chara Selection 7/04)
Kyaa~~~ This one shot is sou cute >w< *hugs Ogata and Uno* This story is my favourite among Ellie-sensei works in Chara which I've known so far (excluded Gokuraku Cafe, haven't read it ><).
It's about Uno Eiji (19), a golden rookie who joined the Tokyo Elephants (baseball team of course *points at the title*). He's friendly towards his teammates, except one person, Ogata Chiaki (around 23-24 I think). And that makes Ogata kinda frustated and irritated, since he doesn't remember ever done something that made Uno hates him, coz in the dorm, whenever they meet, Uno doesn't want to look at him even quickly turn away from him without saying anything ^^;.
One night, when Ogata finished his interview with a magazine, he met with Uno who was drunk. When Uno was going to go back upstair, Ogata stops him, saying the journalist are upstair and since Uno is still underage, it'll be bad if they find about Uno, so Ogata takes him to his room. Ogata, feels that Uno doesn't rejected him maybe due to his condition, decides to ask Uno why he always avoids him. The unexpected reaction comes from Uno when he heard Ogata said Uno hates him. And when Ogata explains the reason, Uno says that it's a misunderstanding, especially since he likes Ogata so much. Ogata suddenly angry saying that it's bad to make such a joke since he's a gay which makes Uno happy since it'll make everyting easier.
Uno says that he has liked Ogata for 6 years, and the reason why he avoided him is because Ogata has sexually stimulating aura to Uno so it was best to avoid physical contact with him XDD Even when he's explaining this, it has become dangeorus for Uno since he's so close with Ogata *cackle* Ogata who's still can't accept this sudden changing, storms out from his room. But deep in his heart, he thinks it's the worst coz he got love confession from Uno and especially that he feels happy to know Uno doesn't hate him >w<
And since that day, Uno's attitude towards Ogata changes drastically. He even become possesive, doesn't like other men (such as their own kantoku and Ogata's rival in taking the top player title, Hattori from Snakes) to stand near Ogata ^^;;
One day, in the match versus Snakes, Ogata didn't pay attention when it was his turn and had a little acident. Later, Uno comes to make sure that Ogata is alive (^^;) and says that they won againts Snakes. He didn't want to lose against that old man, but he also admits that Hattori was great since Hattori has taken the top player title for 3 years continuously. But Uno believe that this year's title will be taken by Ogata. Suddenly Ogata asks Uno to go home and to not go near him again. It resents him that Uno is a genius who can do what he can't do easily, which Uno can't think except that Ogata found him dashing OL~
When Uno asks what should he do to make Ogata his, Ogata says he'll let Uno do whatever he wants if he can makes a perfect match in the next match which is accepted by Uno with full confident.
And the next match, Uno really doesn't let the opponent score even one point. While Ogata thinks that maube he has thought if it's Uno, then he can do it. But suddenly, the opponent can hit the ball and in the end Uno couldn't score a perfect match eventhough they won. It makes Uno down and Ogata who comes and sit by his side says that Uno actually isn't genius but a fool while kissing him (kya~ XD). But when Uno want to hug him, Ogata slaps his hand saying if he wants to continue, Uno must makes perfect match just as he has promised ^o^ And that ends the story~

Now for social blogging :D
Sachi-san, done~ I've updated your link ^^ Ahaha, lately I'm not updating regularly because the evil thing named lazy has overtaken me XDD.

Rikku-chan, I'm sorry couldn't come to your forum for months ~_~ *bows* Glad you still remember me X3.

Sechan, I'm fine ^_^ *snuggles* How bout you?

Shirochin, biasana aku sendiri yg bikin layout, kecuali klo uda bener2 ga ada ide ato lebi sering males, minta tolong temen bikinin LOL Sibuk ama kerja yach? *pats*

Lieya, tentu aja bole ^^ Demo, gabung apaan? XD *ditimpuk*

Ini dua orang pada ngapain si? ^^;; *timpuk pake bantal*

Aa~ Me and my parents planning to go to Singapore starting on 3rd September for about 4-5 days to look for lodging house for me since I'm gonna study there. And if there's no problem at all, me and her will meet and come to the Comic Jam 5 on the next day XD.

Bell Liberty School e youkoso @09:31 p.m.

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